• Twist 8S

    GOLDONI TWIST 8S IN fresa 20121025 T 018

    Twist is the two-wheeled tractor created by Goldoni to revolutionize the quality of your work, even during your leisure time! Twist is the result of 50 years of experience. Its qualities are the ones that have made Goldoni’s professional machines famous: simplicity, manoeuvrability, safety and exceptional sturdiness. Its potential is infinite. Just turn the handlebars through 180° and you can use all the front-mounted implements, such as: the lawn mower, mower, snow plough, scraper, etc.

  • Plus

    • Powered by KHOLER
    • Transmission 3FWD+3REV
    • GEARSTOP device on the handlebar grip
    • With differential
GOLDONI TWIST 8S IN fresa 20121025 T 018