The new Q110 is coming

Innovation does not stop

nuovo Q110

With the arrival of the new Q-110, the series QUASAR is renewed with a machine of the most versatile in its category.

Listed in the “Best of Specialized” category for the 2017 edition of the “Tractor of the Year” award, Q110 inherited the contained pace from isodiametric machines (1.925 mm) but also
a perfectly balanced weights distribution between the front and the rear axles, that ensures both great maneuverability and stability to work on steep slopes – a task that cannot be carried out with traditional orchard tractors.

Traction and carrying capacity have been borrowed instead as “strong points” from orchard specialized tractors , as well as the unequally sized wheels, the possibility to employ - both in the front and in the rear - heavy duty equipment, and a maximum speed of 40 Km/h for road transfers.
The heart of the Q110 is the VM – R754 IE4 engine, 2970 cm³, 4 cylinders, direct injection, electronically controlled Common rail fuel supply with turbocharger and aftercooler to optimize performances and fuel consumption.
In compliance with Stage IIIB, it uses a DOC + DPF filter and cooled EGR for the exhaust gas treatment. Reliable and with reduced noisiness, this engine brings the manufacturing company from
Migliarina di Carpi to exceed the 100 horsepower threshold, reaching 102 HP (75 KW), with a rated speed of 2300rpm.

The new Goldoni Q110 is also remarkable for its synchronized mechanical transmission, 24+12 gears all-wheel drive and super creeper (micro-reducer) for a speed range from 400 meters/hour to 40 Km/h. Among the standard equipment features there is a mechanical inverter and, as far as safety is
concerned, on the clutch pedal we find the PUSH&START device. A new advancement in transmission, as result of the synergy between Goldoni and Arboos engineering, is available upon request: a 16+16 version, with electro-hydraulic inverter, 2 phases powershift, to change gear under load.

To complete the set of winning solutions we find: an hydraulic rear lifter with position and draft control, the hydrostatic steering with Load Sensing valve and steering angle of 55°, an independent and synchronized PTO (540/750 rpm – optionally 540/1000 rpm), the elastic suspension seat and the air conditioning system. The pressurized cabin, available in standard and lower version, is a class 4, and has active carbon filters and pressure sensor.

Finally, Q110, first new model produced, emblem of the Goldoni brand renaissance, will integrate the ISOBUS system, for a smart interaction with variable rate orchards and vineyards equipment, a concept that applies precision agriculture to the vineyard, a core message for Goldoni.