GOLDONI was founded upon the traditions of the land in which the vines of Modena take root and this is the basis on which the enterprise has developed its core-business: in-depth knowledge about the sector in which it works and the utmost respect for agriculture. The history of our company is made of simple and indelible values, like keen interest in our work and a love for our land.

Values that are written in the DNA of the Company that is born here, in Migliarina di Carpi, over 80 years ago: on a farmstead in the Modenese countryside, a symbol of our love for nature even now and of men and women skills in creating agricultural machines that simplified work in the fields, machines that were indestructible for those times. 

His values are those that have guided the company throughout the years. Values which, along with research and technology, have helped it to grow and progress, and to create a wide range of products able to improve the quality of both work and life itself. Creating extremely high quality agricultural machines for the ancient and precious art of soil cultivation was the philosophy that inspired and animated our Company right from the beginning of his splendid adventure, way back in 1926. 

When it was established in 1926, the company began by producing the first irrigation pumps, followed by the first two-wheeled tractor in 1950. It wasn’t long before the legendary EXPORT tractor was created (1957) and the successive UNIVERSAL series of which more than 70,000 machines have been sold since 1960. These were the beginnings of an Italian brand that is now appreciated throughout the world for its reliable and sturdily built products. In 2015 Goldoni became part of Lovol Arbos Group SpA, an industrial holding company owned 100% by Lovol Heavy Industry Ltd, an international group that in 2015 achieved revenues of around 3.3 billion euro.